Blue Bay Beach Hotel

Blue Bay Beach Hotel Thassos, Grecia - Sejururi cu autocarul din Bucuresti 0
Thassos, Grecia
The Hotel BLUE BAY, is situated in Kinira, Thassos, only 40 metres away from the seashore. It is the ideal choice for those who prefer to get away from the tension of modern life and enjoy the nature along with all the facilities available. The wonderful view of the sea with the green island and the view of the mountains from yours balconies will reward you for your choice and will remain in your hearts. The Hotel consists of 21 rooms and studios with private bath, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, balcony or yard. In addition a basketball area and a childrens playground are available for your enjoyment.

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Autocar Bucuresti - Thassos 2022 HH Bucuresti - Thassos; Autocar Thassos - Bucuresti 2022 HH Thassos - Bucuresti; Package commission

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Blue Bay Beach Hotel, Thassos - Sejururi cu autocarul din Bucuresti

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