PONTAO HOTEL Insula Sal, Republica Capului Verde - Sejururi cu avionul din Bucuresti ✓ Oferte sejur 2023 ✓ Cel mai mic pret posibil ✓
Insula Sal, Republica Capului Verde
The establishment is located close to the central square with its choice of restaurants and bars for all travellers to visit, just 5 minutes from the beach with beautiful turquoise waters and the famous pier that all visitors must see. The hotel is situated close to the center of Santa Maria and offers clean, relaxing and comfortable rooms, one indoor swimming pool, that was renovated last year, just to unwind and relax during the day . There is a small bar area serving snacks close to the reception and if you like to explore the area, the hotel has a good place to stay near from everything.

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PONTAO HOTEL, Insula Sal - Sejururi cu avionul din Bucuresti 2023

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